The NICU Experience Aaron update 70
The NICU Experience
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Subject: Aaron update 70
Date: Thursday, February 13, 2003 1:52 PM
From: Kevin Quick
To: Aaron Update List

Update 70! Whew.

Kathleen had a difficult time with Aaron yesterday afternoon. He apparently choked during bottle feeding, which caused him to stop breathing, turn blue, go limp, etc. The nurse was able to revive him, though. Kathleen was on edge for the rest of the afternoon. She attended the weekly class/support group at the hospital, and the women there were able to console her.

That reminds me... A week or so ago I asked nurse Lisa whether Aaron would snap out of an apnea/bradycardia by himself, if left alone long enough. Her answer was that no, a preemie baby’s brain isn’t developed well enough to get things going again on its own. She said that that’s why these apeas and bradycardias are so serious. Without intervention, there’s a good likelihood that they would cause the death of the baby.

Today, Kathleen said that yesterday evening and this morning went great. She woke up wanting to see Aaron; she said that she’s getting very attached to him.

Aaron lost 15 grams yesterday, but the doctor and nurses are not worried; they said that this is just part of the normal ups and downs. They did up Aaron’s feeds from 35cc to 39cc today, however.

A 24-weeker was brought into the NICU last night. It’s a little Hispanic boy, and he’s pretty good-sized for a 24-weeker, at 890 grams (Aaron was 695 grams). Kathleen met the boy’s dad briefly, but I guess he doesn’t speak English too well.

Kathleen’s mom, brother and aunt are on their way to San Francisco today. We’ll all spend the weekend together.