The NICU Experience Aaron update 20
The NICU Experience
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Subject: Aaron update 20
Date: Monday, December 23, 2002 10:59 AM
From: Kevin Quick
To: Aaron Update List

All is well in Aaron’s world. Today, they’ll be increasing his feedings to 4cc every 2 hours. We got a chance to talk to Dr. Lee (Aaron’s primary neonatologist), and he said that we’ll keep increasing the feeding volumes until he’s up to “full feeds,” which would be around 9cc every two hours. If all goes well, then we’ll try taking him off the ventilator again, and putting him back on CPAP. He will continue to be on antibiotics for a total of 10 days, to make sure we’ve completely knocked out whatever it was that made him sick last week.

Kathleen and I will be traveling home this afternoon (Monday). We’ll be home Tuesday, then will be heading back to SF on Wednesday so we can spend Christmas with Aaron.

We’re planning on attending the Christmas Eve service at Grace Efree Church in Kelseyville on Tuesday evening. It will be so good to see the friends again; it’s been over a month since we’ve been to church, and we owe a lot of you a lot of hugs!

Here’s a picture of the view from our 4th floor hospital “room in” room window.

We look forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday!

Love, Kevin, Kathleen & Aaron

P.S. The doctors and nurses have told us that if we catch any kinds of bugs (colds, etc.), we will not be allowed into the NICU until we’re over them. So far, we’re doing fine. If you seem a little aloof to us on Tuesday, we’ll understand why, and will appreciate your kindness. Thanks again!