The NICU Experience Aaron update 60
The NICU Experience
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Subject: Aaron update 60
Date: Monday, February 3, 2003 11:03 AM
From: Kevin Quick
To: Aaron Update List

Aaron did some breast feeding practice this morning, then I (Kevin) fed him his normal feeding by bottle. He ate the whole thing; he’s doing great on learning to feed by breast and bottle. Then, Aaron took a nap as I held him for about another hour. Very sweet and peaceful.

(Neonatologist) Dr. Goldman will be Aaron’s primary doctor for the next couple of weeks. I spoke with him briefly this morning, and he said that Aaron is doing well and is right on track.

Marko is going home today. His parents are in the NICU as I write this, gathering his things and getting his car seat ready. His primary nurse Jo is a little sad to see him go; she’s been taking care of him for four and a half months. But, she’s looking forward to “adopting” Aaron on the days when Lisa is not working.

I’ll be heading home today, and Kathleen will be staying here for the week. I plan to be back here on Friday.