The NICU Experience Aaron update 41
The NICU Experience
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Subject: Aaron update 41
Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 5:39 PM
From: Kevin Quick
To: Aaron Update List

I talked with Kathleen by phone this afternoon.

Aaron’s feeds are up to 17cc every 2 hours now; they were 15cc per hour.

Kathleen was able to hold Aaron for about 40 minutes this morning, and of course, she was just glowing about it. She’ll be going to a “Postpartum Depression” class this afternoon. Not that she’s having much trouble in that department; it’s just that the class is being offered, and she’s available to go.

It sounds as though Aaron’s little neighbor, 25-weeker James is having a rough time. He’s been having trouble keeping his blood oxygenation level up for the past several days, even though he’s on maximum settings on the ventilator. He’s on “constant watch” now, and the doctors have been giving his parents George and Kerry some not-too-encouraging assessments of things. Let’s keep James lifted up.