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Later Updates
Subject: Aaron update 120
Date: Monday, June 9, 2003 9:25 AM
From: Kevin Quick
To: Aaron Update List

How about a little smile to get your Monday morning off on the right foot?

Aaron was on an oximeter for one night last week, to check and see how his blood oxygenation is doing while he’s completely off of oxygen. We peeked at the monitor a few times during the night, and it was reading around 97%, which is good. If it dips too much below 95%, oxygen may still be needed. The oximeter has an on-board memory, and the pulmonologist will be analyzing Aaron’s overnight data; we haven’t heard back from the doctor yet on this.

Aaron has a developmental therapist that visits us once a week. This is part of the Easter Seals program, and thankfully, it is provided to us at no cost. Last week, the therapist suggested that we have Aaron try some solid food. So, he had his first taste of apple and banana baby food, and it went well. Aaron’s corrected age is just a little over two months, but his chronological age is a little over six months, and you’ll remember that his little digestive system was stimulated and put into use only a few weeks after he was born. So, his digestive system has been active for about five months, and may be about ready to start handling a little bit of solid food. (Hey, maybe we should add a gastronomical age, to go along with his gestational, chronological and corrected ages!) It’s surprising to see our little 9-pounder eating solid food!

Aaron has been just great in general. He smiles a lot, and sleeps all night, usually from around 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. We’re not complaining there! He only seems to really fuss when he’s uncomfortable; when he’s hungry or when he has gas, etc. He had some gas or something last night, so he was cranky for a few hours.

(Kathleen just showed me Aaron’s messy diaper, which had some dark stuff in it; maybe his digestive system isn’t quite up to digesting the solid food yet. This would explain the crankiness last night, as well. We’ll try omitting the solid food for a day or so, and see if these things clear up.)

Have a good week!